Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Amazing Adventures of Peanut & Chumus Boy

I should be writing a column about dating right now, but I am ashamed that I haven't updated this blog in almost a week! So, I'm shunning my responsibilities for a few minutes to TCB (take care of business).

Schools Out for winter break!! I am so excited, I can't even express how happy I am for this time off. Its been a grueling few months of writing and working, and I'm so looking forward to Thursday when I get on that airplane and head on back West to New York City! My list of things to do keeps growing and growing, and I just can't wait to tackle each action item! Each will be interspersed, obviously, with hang outs with friends and family.

After class on Wednesday evening, I treated myself with a late night gab fest with friends on the East Coast. I spent Thursday hanging out with Lana, whose last final in medical school was a few hours earlier. We went to Sheinken Street, which is the "SoHo" of Tel Aviv (not really, but that's what the locals claim) to do some shopping for her. Ari was working at Orna and Ella's, so we popped in to say hello and goodbye, before heading back to our neck of the woods. I got home and made Buggy a carrot cake for Shabbos lunch; since I was going to be spending the weekend in Jerusalem, I figured I should try and make some sort of contribution.

Friday afternoon was quite an experience. I ended up taking a cab to Jerusalem, rather than the bus, because I packed for a number of days and had all of my valuables with me (i.e. laptop, passport, jewelry, etc.). With Itai in Rome, I didn't want to leave anything too important in an empty apartment. So, I called the cab to pick me up with more than 2 hours before Shabbos comes in in Jerusalem. Rather than telling the driver to take 443, I was okay with him driving up Highway 1, eventhough the chances for traffic were much greater. I'm not necessarily afraid of route 443, but I prefer Highway 1. All was going great, Avi was telling me about his career as a professional soccer player before he blew out his knee, and I was enjoying the gorgeous view outside of my window. Next thing I know, we are broken down on the side of the highway. Fortunately, we were broken down on the side of an extremely well traveled highway, and both of our cell phones were working. Avi called one of his friends to come to his rescue, and I decided to get out of the cab and sit on the guardrails, watching the traffic wiz by. As the time started ticking away, a couple of taxis stopped and Avi waved them away. Now, I know that he had a friend coming (who, apparently, was always 5 minutes away) but I don't like to play around with Shabbos and I was pissed that he waved two cabs away. I finally told him that the next cab that stops is the one I'm getting into, friend or no friend. It was already 3:15 p.m. and I was outside of Lod, which was about 45 minutes away. I called El Jeffe to see if he knew anyone driving to Jerusalem who could pick up a stranded motorist, but he didn't know of anyone. So, I waiting and finally after 30 5 minutes away the new cab driver showed up and did 120 miles per hour on Highway 1. I walked into the house at 4:10 p.m., giving me a total of 12 minutes to change for shul. Fortunately, Buggy had been warned so all was prepared for me to zip in and get dressed.

Shabbos was very nice and relaxing, the weather was cold but decent. I did a lot of sleeping and started a really good book! By the time Shabbos was out, I had slept more than 15 hours all weekend and was raring to go. But, the weather was extremely uncooperative! It was so stormy last night that Buggy and I decided to stay in and just watch a video. We were in the kitchen getting a bite to eat before starting the movie when we heard cries for help - in English! At first, I didn't want to go check it out, being the New Yorker that I am. I figured it was simply a ploy for someone who wanted us to open the door so he could break into the house easier. But, Buggy is a much better person than I, so we decided to investigate. Sure enough, in the building next door to Buggy's house, a young Australian had locked himself out on his mirpeset (balcony). The wind was howling, pushing the sheets of rain right up against the wall like two lovers locked into an embrace. And there was the poor guy, not dressed for the rain, freezing and drenched and stuck on the balcony. He left his cell phone, with the keys and the phone number for his landlord, inside the apartment as well. So, Buggy and I called the fire department, and then Buggy yelled to the guy to let him know what was going on. The fire department agreed to come and help him but they said they would charge him a fee to break down the doors. The man, now blue with hypothermia, agreed since there was no other choice.

The fire department came a few minutes later and Buggy left me to man the fort while he acted as translator between Aussie and Israeli firefighters. Suddenly, the firefighters and Buggy climbed the ladder up to the roof and tried to come up with alternate ways to save the stranded Aussie. With the wind, it was too dangerous to throw down a rope ladder, so they had no other choice than to break down the door. Towards the end of the negotiations, a small crowd appeared in Buggy's backyard, as two more Aussies (who apparently were friends with the stranded man and neighbors), joined Buggy, and the Captain of the fire brigade in the yard. Aussie #2 started taking pictures, so I opened the back door and asked him if he was press. He smiled and said no.

Loser tourists!

My advice is the next time you wanna go smoke a joint on the back porch during a torrential downpour, don't be an idiot and forget your sweatshirt, keys and cell phone inside.

Buggy returned to a heroes welcome and we watched rerun episodes of Life with Brian, Heroes and Men in Trees.

And that's the most excitement I've had in one weekend in a really long time!! I'm still in Jerusalem today, have some stuff to do and am hoping to make it over to the Kotel before the night is out. I might be coming back on Wednesday to view a documentary of The Lamed Hey at The Begin Center. Other than that, I have loads of errands, packing and a Dr.'s appointment before my early flight on Thursday morning.

The countdown has begun!!! Four Days to go!!

Literature of the day is The Vine of Desire by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. This is an excellent book with a plot that is complex and a poetic and sophisticated language style.

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