Friday, April 06, 2007


It's a miracle, I've somehow managed to steal away for a few minutes which means I can update the blog. Its been quite a few days now, since I've had a second to spare to blog, so this is going to be a nice little summary.

My flight on Thursday afternoon was miraculous. Somehow, on this packed pre-Pesach flight to JFK, the seat next to me was empty. I kid you not. Literally, I was able to curl up and sleep comfortably for majority of the trip. Then, when I cleared customs here in the States, my bag was one of the first to come out! I guess it helps showing up only 2 hours before the flight! We landed at 8:40 p.m. and I was already in a cab heading to my parents house by 9:20! The next day was a bit of a blur, I managed to run a lot of errands and help my Mom get ready for the holiday.

Sunday was also pretty errand focused, and Mom woke me up nice and early so we could get started on the cooking and cleaning. I also managed to find time to drop off the wording for the wedding invitation and get some gorgeous hats from Linda Teicher's Headquarters for Sheva Brachot and to wear to Shul in Israel next year.

Monday I was in Soho getting my hair cut before S'firah and then I went uptown to check out my Shaytel. It was a little scary seeing this big wig that has absolutely no shape to it. Plus, the hair is darker than my own because the Middle East sun has already lightened it up tremendously! So, I shook off the image of me becoming Cousin It next year and went to Duane Reade for some drug supplies for Pesach. By the time I got back to my parents, I was tired and starving! Mom and I made the Charoset, grated the Maror and then my sister, her husband and the two kids showed up. The Pesach chaos had begun!

The first seder was a little crazy. The two kids managed to get themselves very unhappy right when the men came back from shul. So, I spent a lot of the seder in the living room trying to calm one and both of the kiddies down. We all fell into bed around Midnight and I was able to sleep until 9:30 the next morning.

It was weird only keeping one seder with everyone else keeping two, but the benefits were very worthwhile! I was able to call Buggy ALL THE TIME in Israel! I don't think he minded too much, he misses me about as much as I miss him! So, I alternated between helping my Mom out with the next two meals and catching up on my Friday Night Lights episodes, e-mails and taking a shower. I was nice and relaxed by the time everyone else joined me in enjoying Chol Hamoed.

Thursday was busy, busy, busy! Mom and I ran some early morning errands and picked up some more food at Supersol for the second days. With my older sister, her husband and kids heading over for the rest of the Chag, the house needed a lot more provisions. After going to town to pick up some sink inserts for me to use in my apartment in Israel, we braved the snowy weather and made our way back to the house to start cooking for Shabbos and second days. As the clouds cleared and the sun finally fought through, I headed into the City for my wedding errands.

And that's when I met Diane, an 11 year employee at Town Shop, THE destination for lingerie in the City. These ladies who work at this store know EXACTLY what they are doing. And, Diane spent 2 hours with me so I could buy a bra to wear under my wedding gown. I'm not going to describe the experience here in this blog because it was slightly traumatic, but in a few months I plan on itegrating the experience into one of my short stories.

I walked down from 82nd and Broadway towards Bed Bath and Beyond to look at china pattens, add sheets to my registry and pick up two over the closet hangers for my parents bedroom. While walking down Broadway I was really shocked to see that my absolutely FAVORITE popcorn place has closed! I've been waiting patiently for some Dale and Thomas popcorn, and was even thinking about picking up a few bags to bring back to Buggy in Israel. What happened to the Upper West Side! And then, when I saw that Eden Wok, the Chinese restaurant I frequented while an UWS resident, was ALSO closed I wondered what was going on with the neighborhood! Cousin Neil said I should relax because Cold Stone Creamery is still on the Upper West Side, but I'm not convinced. Without popcorn and beef lo-mein, where will folks eat?

Anyway, I have to run and help out the family now so I'll update the blog later. But, the first thing y'all should be doing is watching Friday Night Lights on NBC, and the second is that the song of the day is Eyes by Rogue Wave. A great tune!

Shabbat Shalom!

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