Friday, April 27, 2007

Yoja, Yoja, Yoja!

Well, I'm back in Jerusalem folks. I'm honestly worried that Buggy's parents are going to get really sick and tired of me! Hopefully, that won't happen until after the wedding.

Yesterday was a lousy, lousy day. Poor Mom, she bore the brunt of my wrath/sadness. It was weird cause when I hung out with Lana, I was pretty good. I was able to not think about my issues and just concentrate on her, so it was a nice distraction. But then, as soon as I got back to my apartment, the bad feelings kinda took over. I think a lot of it has to do with the weather, it is already humid in Tel Aviv. I spent over an hour blow drying and ironing my hair and the second I walked out of the apartment, the humidity took hold and turned me into Ms. Brillo head. Ain't an attractive site. I spent an hour this morning here in Jerusalem with my hot iron, hoping that when I stepped outside it won't have a similar affect.

So, Mom calmed me down a bit and I got to Jerusalem in time to meet with Buggy's nutritionist. She told me how to cook for him, he's on diets for very high cholesterol, and then I asked her to take me on as a client. I think that was a good call on my part, because she spent a long time writing out a complete program for me to follow and it's not too rigid!

Buggy and I celebrated by going out to my new favorite restaurant in Jerusalem, Yoja. It's on the corner of Emek Refaim and Emile Zola and it's Asian-fusion and absolutely wonderful! We split steamed beef dumplings with three different kind of dipping sauces. Fortunately, the sauce that I liked Buggy didn't like and the sauce that Buggy liked, I didn't like so there was no problems there. Buggy really liked the sweet and sour sauce, which was way too sweet for my palate and I gravitated towards the spicy peanut sauce which was just perfect for me!

Then, we ordered a main course that consisted of Pad Thai for Buggy, who absolutely loved the spiceyness! I ended up with something called the Goa, which was very tastey! We were haven't such a good time together, we didn't realize just how late it was getting, and we ended up closing the place down! Also, the waiter at the restaurant was absolutely the nicest Israeli man I've met since I moved here. Well, excluding Buggy of course! He was genuinely kind, so Buggy and I left him a very nice tip to say thank you.

When we got back to Buggy's parents house, his older brother was on his way out of the house back to his own and mentioned how bloated Buggy looked. Sometimes, you need to have those kinds of meals.

I woke up bright and early today and tried to get Buggy to join me, but he was too tired. So, I left him sleep as I ironed my hair, caught up on some work e-mails, unpacked my clothing for Shabbat and started looking through the diet program so I could really start following it. The nutritionist told us that the reason Buggy wasn't losing weight was because he wasn't exercising enough, so I told him we are going for an hour long walk today! I think that's one of the reasons he didn't want to greet the morning sun with me. Oh well, I need to exercise for at least an hour a day, so we're gonna be doing lots of walking together!

Buggy finally pulled his lazy bones out of bed and is davening as I update this blog. When he's finished, we're going to walk to a Supersol in Katamon to pick up food for breakfast. The good thing about the new diet plan is that both of us can eat, basically, the same way so I don't have to cook for two different people. That will be easier for both of us, for sure!

Hope everyone has a great Shabbat!

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hi there kallah
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