Tuesday, July 18, 2006

If Anderson Cooper showed up in your Bomb Shelter....

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What would you do?

Anderson Cooper and I go way back. I fell for his salt and pepper mane and piercing blue eyes long before he became a media darling and right after he hosted the short lived ABC show, The Mole. At one point in my life, I honestly believed that Anderson was a member of Mossad (hey, a girl can fantasize).

Nevertheless, I'm a big fan of Anderson Cooper. Not just because his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt but because we attended the same Scissor Sisters show in Manhattan (and Anderson sure can boogie!).

With Anderson Cooper 360 about to start, (of course I've been glued to CNN ever since I got back from my weekend away at the beach), I'm looking forward to hearing how he plans to report from the Middle East. I remember watching him last year as he cried (broke down SOBBING!) while reporting from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and I know that if there is a story that will tug on the heartstrings (and win him a Pulitzer) of viewers worldwide, Anderson will be the one to bring it to us.

Apparently, Anderson spent his morning in Haifa, and was there when the rockets started to unleash hell on Israel. I also wonder if the producers were worried about Anderson's glorious mug and moved him to Cyprus this evening not just to cover the Lebanon refugees, but to ensure that his million dollar mug is safe.

Larry King is wrapping up so I'm gonna go watch Anderson. Song of the evening, in honor of his favorite band, is Filthy/Gorgeous by the Scissor Sisters.

Be Safe!


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