Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy New Year!

Buggy and I are extremely devout leading up to this Rosh Hashana. We have been getting up with the 6:00 a.m. Sephardic Minyan as they sing their Slichot each morning. Today was no different and, rather than waste the opportunity to update the blog, I decided to try and squeeze it in before the day gets crazy.

Yesterday was so busy, I am shocked that I managed to get into bed at the end of the night with teeth brushed and flossed and face washed. I was beat! We were up and out of the apartment early because Buggy had a nutritionist appointment. Fortunately, he only gained 1 pound since the wedding so we were all thrilled to hear that news! I, of course, gained 5 pounds since our wedding so yes - we are both on diets. But, lord knows that the three day holiday here will be extremely challenging!

After Dr. Diet, we went to Buggy's folks so I could pick up my passports for the army. We were determined to get my pitur yesterday and, since I had no idea what I needed to get one, I had to pick up all passports. We then went back to the Central Bus Station to pick up some things from a couple of the shops and I bought an InStyle and a Glamour and 2 comics for my husband as a Rosh Hashana reading gift. Since we aren't allowed to sleep over the Chag, we will have to have plenty to keep up entertained.

Buggy had to be at work at 2:00 and traffic in Jerusalem these days are INSANE! It takes forever to get around because everyone is driving and doing errands for the Chag. It took us 45 minutes to get home from the Central Bus Station while normally it would take much shorter.

Anyway, we began our adventure with the army and for me it was like stepping into Animal House, complete with hazing. Buggy dropped me off and had to look for parking because the PERFECT spot near the front was available, but there was a children's toy in the gutter and Buggy didn't want to run it over. While we were "arguing" about the toy that was obviously garbage, some other guy came and ran over the toy and took our spot. I was not pleased. So, Buggy left me off and I went upstairs to the floor that gives out Piturs. It's also on the same floor as the lunchroom and boy was it boisterous. I realized then and there that I was at the mercy of a gaggle of 18 year old drunk with power! When Buggy tried to join me, they wouldn't let him come upstairs because he wasn't there was any specific reason. I put on my extremely-sad-face, like this:

And, sure enough, one of the 18 year olds felt bad and they let Buggy come up. Anyway, the rest of the process was extremely painless and we were in and out within 10 minutes!

The rest of the day was a blur so I can't really recap right now, but I cooked a great dinner with fresh corn on the cob, Israeli salad, some broccoli and dressing sauce and sesame teriyaki salmon.

Was just as busy, if not busier! This morning, we spent at least 2 hours at the bank moving money from one account to another, cashing checks and getting back one check that bounced (ouch!). Then, we went to change some money so I could pay the contractor who did some work on the apartment and then we raced to Buggy's dentist appointment. We also figured out a GREAT birthday present for Buggy's Mom's 60th next week and we were struggling with a fax machine and photocopies of my credit card and teudat zehut, etc. It was a pain, but we managed to make it back to the apartment for a quick lunch and to pay the contractor before Shabbos, and then went off to visit out registry at 4UGifts. We picked up a beautiful present for Buggy's folks, a funky honey and apple sterling silver set (by this new Italian designer - it's really stunning) and then swung by their house to drop off the gift and send the Carmel Forest Spa the fax for Buggy's Mom's birthday present. Then, we had to go to Emek to pick up some last minute provisions so I can cook tonight. I bought 2 big slabs of salmon fillet and some toasted sesame oil. I'm planning on making sesame teriyaki salmon for Buggy's folks, some blondie's for Buggy's sister (we are eating by her on Friday afternoon - a BBQ! I've never had a BBQ on Rosh Hashana before, should be fun!) and some carrot cake for Buggy (he likes it much better than honey cake).

Tonight, I'm praying to be able to write some more thank you cards while I do my baking, and I already have another wash up. I had to wash all the bath towels, it was really time, and that will take at least 4 hours to do. In the interim, I'm hoping to make some calls to the States to wish everyone a Chag Sameach.

But - for those who read this blog and who I would normally call but chances are won't be able to because of the hectic nature of the day and the time difference - CHAG SAMEACH! Happy New Year! May all of your prayers for this year come true, and may the bombing stop in Sderot and throughout the South of Israel.

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