Thursday, June 29, 2006

Across the Narrows

Across the Narrows
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On October 2, 2006, my best mate Jules gave me the best birthday present of my 20's. She bought us tickets to the two-day festival called Across the Narrows, which featured bands including Scot wunderkids Belle and Sebastian, The Nevada crew of The Killers, The Down Under sensation The Jets and two of my absolutely favorite bands:

Kasabian and Oasis.

We met that Sunday morning at the Manhattan side of the Staten Island Ferry and headed cross the river to the home of the Staten Island Yankees. When we got there, we were absolutely shocked at the lack of attendance. It was almost completely EMPTY, and we were there a good three hours late!

Fortunately, we showed up just in time to see Kasabian perform. And boy, was it incredible. This was the third time we had seen them in concert, and they just kept getting better and better!

I felt compelled to blog about Kasabian this evening because they kept me company during my two mile walk this afternoon. I went to and from my Upper West Side apartment to the new Apple store on 59th and 5th, and with L.S.F. in my ears the trek in this heat and humidity was a sweet one.

Countdown to the release of Empire has begun! Rock on!

Recommended Kasabian song: Club Foot

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