Sunday, May 20, 2007

At the Carwash...

These building in Bayit Vegan is what Buggy refers to as the eyesore of Jerusalem. I wish I had a picture of this during the day, these buildings are absolutely bizarre. And you can just imagine how much it costs to live in the row of connecting apartments up top. With the views of Jerusalem, I'm sure we're talking well over a million.

So, I spent majority of Thursday and Friday in the kitchen and running errands. I went to three different supermarkets looking for salsa so I could make the taco salad for El Jeffe's meal. Then, it was back to my apartment to grill the tuna for the tuna salad nicoise, roast the vegetables, steam the string beans, roast the potatoes, make the sesame teriyaki and barbecue chicken and make sure the apartment was clean and ready for Shabbat before Buggy came from Jerusalem. By the time Buggy finally walked through the door, I was pretty much done with everything and absolutely wiped. He was hungry so I told him to help himself to anything in the fridge. I went to my bedroom to put away some of the clothing that I had laid out on the bed and Buggy followed me, chomping on a pickle. I asked him where he got the pickle, and he told me the container on the top of my fridge. I grimaced. And told him that those were the pickles that fell on the floor that I never got around to throwing out. He looked at me like I had two heads and then started ticking down the food-related "issues" I've caused him since the beginning of our courtship.

First, it was the laxative chocolates. He forgave me for that because I ate them too and was sick right along with him. Then it was the whole wheat pasta, which I told him he's going to have to get used to cause I'm saying goodbye to white pasta. After that, it was the Fiber One chicken that apparently had him really sick to his stomach. And now, I was feeding him dirty pickles!

I explained that the pickles fell out of the fridge late one night and rather than leave them to rot and smell up my garbage, I put them back in the container and made a mental note to throw them out the following day. Umm, so I just forgot to throw them out.

Anyway, we watched some Harry Potter Goblet of Fire before it was time for Shabbat. The meal at El Jeffe's was so nice, it was just really great being able to talk to new people and drink with friends. Buggy walked me home and I was tettering on my flip-flops from all the Glenfiddich. The next day, I slept in and then Buggy came by for kiddish/lunch. It was the first time I've made a zucchini bread since the famous Zucchini Bread Incident of 1996, and I was really nervous. Buggy loved it! And, as he read some more of his book, I whistled a happy tune and made the tuna salad nicoise dressing. It was good except I dried out the tuna. Otherwise, I assembled everything so nicely, even Chef Rob would have been proud! We finished lunch and spent the rest of the day relaxing and reading. I did some reading for class next week and Buggy plowed through the rest of the newest Lord of the Rings novels.

Saturday night, we decided to go to Buggy's friends in Givat Zeev for Melavah Malka and a movie. Since I made so many apple cinnamon muffins (the low-calorie ones his nutritionist gave me the recipe for), I brought over 6 fresh ones and we took the Harry Potter movie. For some reason though, by the time we got there, I was absolutely exhausted. We ended up only staying for a few hours and watching half of the movie, because Buggy and I continued on to his parents house in Jerusalem.

We unpacked quickly, washed up, and then went to our separate bedrooms. Unfortunately, my bedroom came equipped with my very own mosquito! Man, these Jerusalem mosquito's are absolutely relentless. I padded into Buggy's bedroom to wake him up at 9:00 and show him all of my bites, but he begged me for a few more hours of sleep, and so I took his DVD player and watched the rest of Harry Potter.

Buggy left me for about an hour to attend his third Shiur Chatan - I still haven't started Kallah classes - and I just hung out and surfed the net. He picked me up around 1:00 and that's when the marathon of errands began. We went over to the Malcha Mall so Buggy could wash him car, and the dust in the air started to suffocate me. I was having some trouble breathing, so Buggy put the air on in the car and let me sit and breath while we went through the car wash. We went inside the mall and just ran a few errands, including getting Buggy a new wallet (his broke) and grabbing a bite to eat. Since Buggy has so much work due for school tomorrow, he dropped me off early at the Tachanah and I was able to get on the 4:30 p.m. bus back to Tel Aviv. Unfortunately for me, I had the Israeli version of a Big Gulp of Diet Coke at lunch and my bladder started hurting before we even hit the Ayalon highway.

We pulled into the Arlozorov station and I was doing the dance in my chair, desperate to get out and get the nearest bathroom. Unfortunately for me, my apartment is a good 40 minute walk from the Arlozorov bus station. I don't think I've ever done that walk as fast but somehow, I made it back to the apartment in time.

It's already 11:30 p.m. and I'm contemplating making the apple pie for Shavuot now. I'm excited about tomorrow, I have to do laundry desperately (I'm down to 1 pair of Granny panties) and I'm going to make Buggy a low-fat, low-calorie cheese cake for Shavuot. Also, my friend Bracha is in town and Buggy and I got tickets to her sold-out performance at the Tel Aviv Museaum on Thursday night! I cannot wait to see her! I haven;t seen her since before we got engaged, and she is such a brilliant violinist, I know the concert is going to be spectacular!

Song of the day is anything off of the Arctic Monkey's Favorite Worst Nightmare CD.

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Becky said...

Have they finished those monstrous buildings then? I remember they were being built when I was there. Truly odd and enormous. Anyway, I hope things are going better with your aliyah. Sorry to hear it's been such a hassle.