Friday, November 02, 2007

Poltergeist in the Kitchen

There is a poltergeist in our kitchen. I kid you not. It's like that scene from Sixth Sense when the mother turns around to go to the laundry and she comes back and ALL of the kitchen cabinets and drawers are open. Fortunately, our poltergeist only likes the two drawers we have in the kitchen, the ones with all the utensils.

I am constantly closing the drawers, turning around, and seeing them like this:

It's annoying that it keeps opening, so I'm constantly closing them and praying that they'll stay closed. But, now it's getting dangerous for me because when I'm cooking on the stove in the corner, I turn around and bang right into them. My hips are all bruised from doing that a number of times and, each time it happens, I curse the ghost in the kitchen and spend 5 minutes trying to keep them shut.

It was starting to get me really upset, and so Buggy found a solution to our problem with these:

Yup, now, two plastic silver spoons are keeping the drawers closed. I asked Buggy if he knows what this is happening, because I know nothing fell in the back to keep them from closing and there isn't too much stuff inside that's jutting out or anything. It just doesn't want to stay closed because our GHOST likes it open.

Any ideas or suggestions from anyone out there familiar with either drawers or carpentry or Israeli drawers? It's really getting to be a hazard to my health!

Well, yesterday I played Florence Nightengale and nursed Buggy back to health. Unfortunately for him, I used the tough love approach which is what I'm used to from growing up, and he just wasn't feeling it. I guess I'm going to have to learn a different tactic, or just try to be a lot softer, because I think it upset him a bit when I wouldn't let him do something that would have hurt him in the end. That being said, I ran out in the morning to pick up his comics from the Post Office, and then I spoke to his Dr. and she told me what I should buy, so I got some of that drink stuff that you have to use if you're dehydrated and losing a lot of electrolights. I also got him some saltines, white rice, applesauce and two pairs of gloves (hehehe, for me to use to clean with) so that he could put some stuff into his stomach. He ate a bit and, I forced him to drink so he could keep some fluids down. I made him rice for lunch and for dinner, I made him the powdered chicken soup with rice in it. That was very filling and he was feeling better, although very nauseous. He spent most of the day in bed, reading his comics, sleeping and watching from TV.

The guys came to fix the treisim while Buggy was napping and I watched as they worked. They claimed it was a slat and not the motor that was the problem and, I watched them raise it up and down after they worked to prove it was fixed. And then, they asked me for 200 shekel to fix the problem. Well, I don't usually keep that much cash on me at home, so I offered to write them a check. He said fine, but that I should leave the check blank in the "to" field. I absolutely refused to do this, and Buggy once told me that I should never do this too, and so we had a bit of a war of words over the situation. Finally, he gave me the correct spelling of his name and I handed him a check.

Here's the story. A lot of contractors and handy men in Israel work off the books. They don't want to pay taxes on their income for obvious reasons. So, they ask people to hand them over blank checks and then they in turn use those checks to pay for other things. For example, this man's wife could have taken my check to the supermarket and, if the bill was 200 shekel, she would have written it out to the supermarket and left. This way, her husband never has to submit the fee when he does his taxes and it's like I paid for her groceries. Personally, if we make arrangements to pay people in cash up front, that's fine with me. It's none of my business what people are or aren't doing with their tax returns. However, I refuse to do it on a check and somehow get involved with any of that. I don't need someone elses tax evasions coming back to bite me in the butt.

Anyway, in between cooking and taking care of Buggy, and doing a much needed load of laundry, I sat down and got back to writing my thank you notes. I banged them out in 4 1/2 hours and am now left with 25. Yea! That's all I plan on doing today before Shabbos. I'm just going to finish them all up, stamp them and mail them! And then, I'm done! I've written more than 500 thank you notes since we got engaged! That's a lot of writing folks.

Ah Shabbos, I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend! It's tense having a husband whose under the weather. You know, I could really go for my product of the day!

Product of the Day

Entenmanns is my all time favorite bakery in a box.

I love the cheese filled buns (they are delish!)

I've been known to tuck into a marshmellow devils food cake with just a fork! (Usually after a fast day)

And who hasn't started a Shabbos morning without a glass of milk and a chocolate frosted donut?

Entenmanns cookies are also really good, but I'm a cake and donut gal. And, Israel is absolutely lacking in the boxed baked goods category. In fact, the bakeries here are really disappointing. After the bug in my rugalech situation from Pe'er, I'm pretty much down and out when it comes to a place to go to get some good, well, goodies! And, unless I shlept myself all the way to the Shuk to get me some Marzipan rugelach (which, for people who aren't familiar, aren't made out of marzipan) I'm left with nothing. And yes, I know, I'm on a diet and shouldn't be eating this stuff anyway. But, I still have no place to turn to after a fast! When all I want is a nice, rich, glazed donut hole and a diet choko to melt away the hours of hunger.

So, I implore the wonderful folks over at Entenmanns. Please, start importing your delicious baked goods to us here in Israel! I promist, your sales will rise really, really fast and it will make the cost of import so worth it!

For everyone else in the States, buy yourselves a box of Entenmanns this Shabbos (Cousin Neil - this means you!) and think of me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Shabbos!

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