Friday, November 09, 2007

Tomer, the Israeli Turkey

Meet Tomer, the Israeli turkey. This morning, Tomer weighed in at an IMPRESSIVE 12.4 pouds (I used our bathroom scale) and
that was while he was still wearing the three plastic bags we wrapped him in when we brought him home from Falcon yesterday.

Here's Tomer after his paprika, black pepper and garlic powder bath...

Here's Tomer sunning himself in the kitchen before his 4 hours in the oven...

Can ANYONE tell me what I'm supposed to do with Tomer's tusch? That was certainly unexpected..

Getting into stuffed position!


I put Tomer into the oven at 9:05 a.m. and the house smells wonderful! I'm so excited about tonight, I just hope I don't somehow mess up the turkey. We're 8 all together and, fortunately, majority of our guests have eaten here before so I'm not that concerned. Yesterday though, I worked so hard that I literally passed out by the time my head hit the pillow. I did almost all of the side dish cooking, cooked 2 turkey legs, AND vacumned and washed our floors. I also managed to do a load of laundry and we went to the mall to pick up gifts for Buggy's brother and his kids. The last thing I made last night was baked sweet potatos, which I'm going to be serving with white marshmallows. Yum! Fortunately, Buggy chipped in and cleaned the toilets. I can never say he doesn't help out because he really, really was helpful.

Buggy is going to spend the day today working and out of the house. Meanwhile, I'm actually on a conference call with him right now because HOT, our telephone/internet and TV provider somehow managed to give away our new home phone. I kid you not! Two days ago, I used the phone to call a friend in London and then this morning, when Buggy was in the car on his way to an appointment he called the house phone and someone else's wife answered. He thought he dialed wrong, and so he dialed again, and the same woman answered. We're on this conference call with HOT because they're trying to figure out what happened. For a minute there, they didn't believe us when we said we even had a HOT phone in the house. I just hope they stop wasting my time and send someone to check it out and give me BACK my new phone number.

So much to do today before our guests arrive this evening! I still have to make the bed, set the table, put together the salad, make the dressing, set up the hot plate, heat up the soup, toast the almonds, and dust. Hehehe, the tables a little dusty for my taste so I'm gonna have to do some pledging.

And so, I have to cut this blog short because the day is even shorter with Shabbos coming in around 4:10! Will try to upload "after" photos of Tomer once I take him out of the oven!

Product of the Day

Empire and their fantastic frozen turkeys are my pick for today. And, even though some US agency only ranked them 23rd in terms of turkey integrity (what that heck does that even mean?), I would give anything for a frozen turkey than the fresh one we picked up yesterday. Seriously, the guy at Falcon looked like he was holding a baby when he brought Tomer out from the back. It made me a little queasy. The beauty of a frozen turkey is that, someone else already did all the hard stuff for you. Someone ELSE stuck their hands up the turkey's behind and scooped out the junk inside. And someone ELSE picked out all the feathers from the skin. Lord knows how much turkey I'll even eat again, it was a bit traumatizing when I had to clean the tusch area this morning. But hey, it's a Thanksgiving dry run , and I guess this is what I need to do to get it right!

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