Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hitting the Bar with Leo

The press has invaded Tel Aviv today, as everyone has a tip on where Leonardo Dicaprio and his Israeli-model girlfriend Bar Rafaeli are going to be hanging out. It's raining outside people, where do you think they're going? Fortunately, I avoided the crush of paparazzi by actually making it to school today. Unfortunately, I miscalculated on time and ended up getting to class 5 minutes late. We hadn't started yet, so I didn't miss anything.

I don't know what is going on with the buses recently but I just haven't been having much luck! I took the 61 instead of my usual 64 because it comes much more frequently but today it took 25 minutes before a bus showed up. The 61 also goes on the most annoying route to Bar Ilan, weaving in and out of Ramat Gan as opposed to the straight Jabotinsky ride of the 64. Since I have to be in class at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, I'm not chancing it and am hoping to leave the apartment at 8:30! I told Professor Kramer tonight that I was going to get in early. I hope I don't make a liar out of myself tomorrow cause that will just be really embarassing.

It was nice to get back into school mode today after last week's long absence. I'm really looking forward to the writer's conference in Jerusalem from April 17-19. The topic is: What Does it Mean to Be a Jewish Writer? and the conference is free! I hope that people take advantage of that and come hear the amazing lineup of writers. As we get closer to the conference, I'm going to post the workshop, writers and session lists for the folks who are interested in coming out.

Wedding plans are coming along really, really nicely and the great news is that my friend Aura finished our monogram! We both absolutely love it, and our Mom's really like it too, so we're set. I'm sending it over to the invitation folks to make sure it's in the correct file, and am going to burn it to a CD that we can bring to Meah Shearim on Sunday when we go looking for benchers.

Buggy is B"H coming to me for Shabbos and I'm really looking forward to it just being the two of us. When I left him in Jerusalem on Sunday night, it was really hard. I hate having to leave him during the week, but with my school schedule and his school and work schedules, we just can't see each other from Monday thru Thursday night. Typically, Buggy comes out to Tel Aviv on Thursday night for dinner but this week he has to stay in Jerusalem and work on a project for school. He is building a chair out of tins and while I don't necessarily understand the concept, I'm sure the finished product will be brilliant. His models are absolutely incredible!

My trip to the States for Pesach is starting to really book up already and I'm getting a little overwhelmed with everything I have to do in such a condensed time. It's also going to be weird for me to only celebrate 7 days of the Chag as opposed to the 8 days my family will be celebrating. Since I won't be able to do actual melacha during those days, I am hoping to spend the time writing, watching TV, playing with the kids and relaxing. What I'm really looking forward to is not having to drink another 4 glasses of wine and stuff myself full of Matzah!

Well, it's late and I have to do my dishes and read some homework before class tomorrow morning. Song of the day is Vivaldi:Spring, Allegaro, I've been listening to a lot of classical music so I can prepare a list for the band to play as people walk down the aisle!

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