Sunday, June 03, 2007

5 shekels to heaven

I'm such a nerd. On Wednesday afternoon, I stopped in the hardware store across the street from my apartment and picked up a few things for my kitchen. With 8 people joining us for Friday night dinner, I knew this Friday night's dinner had to be special! Especially since, I think this past weekend was my last big meal I'm making in my Tel Aviv apartment.

Thursday was an early morning for me, I had a tremendous amount of work to do for the meal on Friday night! First, I went to the Supersol to pick up the remaining ingredients. And then, I got to work on cooking. I made the cranberry crunch for dessert (or the Apple Brown Betty as Ari called it), the macaroni and meat and the shallot and onion quinoa. After that, I jumped into the shower, and ran to catch the bus to Jerusalem. Buggy and I had some errands to run and the nutritionist to meet with. I have no idea how it happened, but I lost 2 pounds. I certainly wasn't trying - can you imagine what would happen if I tried? Buggy put on the 2 pounds I lost, but all is not hopeless! We have an entire month to lose more weight. After the nutritionist, we went to the only kosher Indian restaurant in Jerusalem to celebrate the fact that I lost weight (I know, I know, so counterproductive but very romantic and yummy!). We shared a few courses and then Buggy took me to the bus station to get the last bus back to Tel Aviv.

I was wiped when I got home but managed to put together my Friday to-do list and get to bed. After catching a few Z's, I woke up early again and ran to buy the fruit. And then, I spent an enjoyable 30 minutes just balling my mellons. It was so much fun, and much easier then cutting through everything! I then made the Israeli salad and the corn salad, the spinach chicken, the mushroom tartlet and the cauliflower kugel. I grilled the chicken cutlets for the wraps Buggy and I had for lunch on Shabbat and then I got to work on cleaning the apartment. By the time Buggy got here, the dinner was done and I had to clean the toilet and set the table. Buggy helped me and then, well, I picked a fight and made him crazy for no reason at all. He was a little out of it and accidentally set the Shabbat clock incorrectly. By the time everyone sat down to dinner, around 9:15 p.m. Friday night, the lights suddenly went out. Since one of my friends isn't observant, he got up and put on another set of lights, and at least we weren't eating in the darkness.

Well, I wracked my brain for a good appetizer and managed to settle on something I thought would be fun and nutritious. I managed to succeed in both regards! I steamed 3 bags of edemame and made a dipping sauce, which everyone put into little soy sauce bowls I picked up across the street. People filled up on salatim, challah and the edemame and then I got nervous that no one would eat the rest of my dinner. Well, I shouldn't have worried because with 6 guys at the meal, eating was not a problem. And, we all got our drink on! Ari and Jon practically finished my Scotch while Buggy and Eliav made dents in my beer. Gayle, El Jeffe and Nechama enjoyed the red and white wines while I made myself some Malibu and Diet Coke. People finally cleared out after Midnight and, after Buggy helped me wash and dry, I passed out and slept almost till Noon!

Shabbat day was very relaxing, and Buggy and I just hung out, ate, read and chilled. It was perfect. Saturday night we went to the beach and had dinner at the new Kosher Sandwhich place near Gordon beach. Actually, Buggy had a sandwhich and I had some ice cream.

Today was another busy day. I woke up early and Buggy drove me to my eye Dr.'s appointment in Modiin. We got there a full 45 minutes earlier than expected and so we had a long wait in the waiting room. After my appointment, we drove back to Jerusalem and I stuffed invitations while my dialated eyes shrunk back to normal. Once I was able to see without wincing, Buggy drove me back to the bus station and I was once again on my way to Tel Aviv. I needed the fresh air after the ride and so I walked back to my apartment. And that's when I discovered that they are ripping up the street in front of my apartment YET AGAIN! They literally just finishing fixing and repaving the street, I have no idea what could have happened that they have to rip it all up again. The worst is that now they are working well into the night, and I'm nervous that I won't be able to sleep tonight with all the noise. It sounds like I'm sleeping on top of a construction site.

So, I'm almost finished with wedding preparations. Tonight, I ordered the benchers and mincha/maariv's for the wedding. Yea! I was just so happy to cross that task off of my list! And now that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is on TV, I'm just relaxing before I call it a night. It's going to be difficult not seeing Buggy this week, but I'm really looking forward to spending Shabbos together again!

Craving of the Day is Entenmann's Crumb Donut! Which now has 0 Trans Fat! I would like my honeymoon suite to be stocked with a box of these babies after the wedding!

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