Monday, July 16, 2007

The great refridgerator challenge

You know how it's hard to sleep in a strange place? Well, that's basically how I felt last night. After Buggy and I had our final meat supper before the start of the 9 days, and figured out how to use the hot water in the apartment (it was actually quite comical!), and I watched two of my favorite Grey's Anatomy episodes, I just laid in bed and listened to the noises of the new apartment. To minimize the noises, I shut all the windows and also cut off all of the gorgeous breeze that you get in this apartment. I used the AC to cool the apartment down and, right before shutting the lights, I closed it off and opened the window in my bedroom. I could hear people walking and laughing outside, and also the creaks and some movement from our upstairs neighbors. It was a little weird, and also a bit scary (I have to admit) but I finally managed to get to sleep around 1:00 a.m.

The kids screaming and laughing next door woke me up at 7:00 a.m. The apartment is right next to a gan/kaytanah (summer day camp) and parents were dropping their kids off extra early! Oy, I'm not much of a morning person, but it was actually nice to hear kids. I'm sure that feeling won't last long!

I had to get up anyway and I shuffled from room to room, looking through bags and boxes, just to find all of the things I needed to get washed up and dressed this morning. Of course, I had to hop on the scale too, as is my morning ritual. Fortunately, even with all the crappy food I ate yesterday, the number didn't budge. That's a good thing for me!

Anyway, it was a good thing I got out of bed when I did because the Mei Eden guy came to deliver my machine and 3 waters at 9:15 this morning. He told me how much better it was to live in Jerusalem as opposed to Tel Aviv, and I just nodded my head, and he set everything up. At first, I had him put the 2 extra waters on the balcony, but he said it wasn't smart to keep them in the sun. In the morning, we don't have sun on the balcony but when it sets, that's when the sun really shines into this apartment. So, when he left, I moved the waters back into the apartment and I'm waiting for Buggy to finish his tests and come over so he can move the waters somewhere else. We'll find a place for them, somewhere.

And then, I sat down to the breakfast of champions in the new apartment. I had been saving this solid white tuna in water can for a special occassion and I opened it up and used some dijon mustard. With a big glass of diet coke with lemon, it was a fantastic breakfast! I can't wait for to get out to the fruit and vegetable store and start stocking up the place! I only have 2 cans of tuna left and I know Buggy is going to be hungry after his test.

The contractor and his worker showed up a few minutes ago and hence the great refridgerator challenge. For some reason, since my stolen wireless is very weak, I'm having problems uploading the photos of my fridge. But, it's MASSIVE. And, the space left for it is too small, as mentioned yesterday. Right now, they are shaving off the cabinets and raising them so that we can fit in the fridge. The contractor also noticed that all of the cable wires are outside of the wall, and he said it would be better to put them inside the wall. Hmmm, not sure what that means but will ask Buggy when he gets back.

Anyway, I love when Israeli worked show up and look at a job and then decide that they can do it on the spot. That's really, really great. I'd prefer to have that then someone who comes and tells me that it will take 2 weeks before they can do the job. This is teriffic. Plus, this way I can move the fridge out of the living room area and back into the corner where it belongs.

A couple of other people are supposed to come today to do some stuff in the apartment, which is why I'm just sitting here in my scrubs and a t-shirt and flip flops, chilling. I have some more unpacking to do but I'm too tired to even think about it. Maybe when Buggy gets back he'll help me sort some things out.

Will post pictures later when I get a better connection!

Crave of the Day is my Mom's baked ziti. With all the marinara sauce and two types of cheeses, it's really heaven. I promised Buggy I would make him my Mom's baked ziti, using 5% cheese of course, and he got really excited. With the 9 days upon us, we're going to be eating lots of pasta.

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