Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Black Magic Show

Shavuah Tov! My date is stuck in traffic so I decided to take this opportunity to update the blog. First of all, all my UWS readers please call or visit Arye who is recupperating from an extremely painful procedure. If you can, bring him some hot soup, a percocet or your collection of CD's so he can tell you how you have lousy taste in music. That will definitely cheer him up more than the chocolates!

Shabbos was really nice. I went to dinner last night at the Gabbai's house with Lana and met a couple more people. Then today, I actually got up and went to shul. I also stayed for the kiddush and mingeled with a couple of people and was pretty shocked at the amount of people I was able to chat with! I guess I really have met a lot of folks in the 2 1/2 months I've been here. Then I went home and waited for Gayle, but she slept through lunch, so I ate and went in for a nap. Gayle stopped by and woke me up around 5:00 and we caught up and said Havdalah together.

Tonight, Tel Aviv is packed with people going to Rabin Square to remember Yitzchak Rabin TZ"L who was murdered a couple of years ago in that very square. I'm not sure where I'll be going with my date tonight, but I doubt it will be near the memorial. The traffic is so bad that they closed Ibn Gvirol and Arlozorov streets.

So, that's the big update. I know, kinda boring. Here's where it will get a lot more interesting.

I spent a lot of time together wondering what if, which is really a big waste of time but since I had time on my hands today, that's what I spent doing. Played the what if game. For example, what if I hadn't broken up with him? Or, what if I didn't move to Israel? And, what if I told him I was interested in him, instead of ignoring the way I felt because I wasn't sure he was interested in me. Anyone else out there play that game and, if so, why? What's the point?

Food for thought.

I have to finish getting ready for my date. Song of the day is The Clown by Elefant The photo above is of Diego when he performed at Sin-e on the Lower East Side.

Happy Birthday Gary!!!!! Can't wait to celebrate next time I'm at Verlaine's!

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tafka PP said...

Yet still your song of the day could have been "What If" by Coldplay...

I want a Zen Garden!!