Monday, December 11, 2006


I hate my haircut. I really, really hate it. To the point where I am dreading leaving my apartment tomorrow to go to school. I spent all day yesterday in bed, hiding myself from the world. I've discovered that the jerk over at Shuki Zikri gave me the Rachel Green haircut circa 1994. Even when this haircut was in I refused to get it. I've been simmering and trying to figure out how I'm going to proceed with the salon. I am giving myself a few more days to calm down and then I'm going in to talk to a manager. I want my money back, and an apology. I know - I'm living in a fantasy world - but you get nothing if you don't ask.

Why can't people handle criticism? Why is the first reaction always defensive? Why, if criticism is delivered in a positive, straight-forward manner, do people still get defensive? Why can't they just own up to something they've done wrong, instead of trying to make excuses for their behavior?

Cousin Neil's birthday is coming up and I've sent him a present. Unfortunately, the website wouldn't let me wrap the gift, or put in a note. So, Cousin Neil, the box from JCrew that should be delivered to your building in about 3-5 days is a birthday present from me. I hope you like it!! It's exactly what you asked for :)

I just finished workshopping six stories for class and am pretty tired from staring at my computer. I'm going to log off and try to do some reading before I go to bed. Tomorrow will be my first full Tuesday in more than a month, I've gotten used to getting out of school at 3:30 the extra two hours will probably be a bit jarring. Here's hoping I can make it through!

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Resident Traveler said...

I know what you mean, since the hairstyle itself really is terribly dated.. Though I have to admit that Jennifer Aniston, circa '94 or circa anytime, is a good look by me!