Monday, October 09, 2006

Dry as the Desert

I woke up parched this morning, my throat sore with the dryness and my head throbbing. I've had another first in this country. This morning, for the first time in my entire life, I got a nose bleed. For the people who get grossed out or are of the faint of heart (i.e. Cousin Neil) now might be the time for you to stop reading. Basically, at first I had no idea what was going on. But even with only six hours of sleep last night, I was able to spring into action before I stained the new oatmeal colored rug I bought for my bathroom. I was pretty impressed with myself for remembering not to tilt my head back but rather to tilt it forward. Fortunately, the bleeding stopped fairly quickly, which was really good.

Of course, that led me to consult The Hypochondriacs Bible to find out where this nosebleed came from and whether or not I need to get myself to a Dr. Fortunately, nose bleeds are pretty common in areas with very little moisture in the air. And, given that Israel is basically one big ol' desert, it's no surprise that I'm dried out.

So, today there will be a little change of activities. I'm going to try to take it a bit easier and will try to stay close to home. I'm waiting right now for the window guy to come and fix the aluminum siding that fell on me last week and then I'm going to run to the bank to make a deposit. After that, I will probably cab it to Herzl street to look at some tables and chairs. Itai told me to go to the place he went to for his furniture and I actually like his stuff so I'm going to head down to that store. Other than that, I'm going to just relax and maybe watch some TV. I haven't watched TV really since installing the cable so now would be a good time to see what types of channels I have.

Oh, so last night I had a dream about one of my guy friends from back in New York City. I've had this dream before about various guy friends over the years, which means that he's going to be getting engaged. It's wierd, I know, but trust me. In a few weeks, I'll be blogging a big Mazal Tov to him and the future Mrs. him.

Wow, I'm all over the place today. Last night, after editing my friend's Wharton application essays (note to people applying to Biz school, I am now charging for editing business school applications but I have to say I'm really good at it!) I took another shower (3 yesterday, and yet I'm still dry, whatever), got dressed, picked up Jeff and met Oren and his friend Sarah at some bar on Frishman street. Gayle actually took me to this bar before and we walked in and I made her walk out because it was just too crowded, too smokey, the music was too lousy and it just wasn't my scene. When I texted Oren to see what he was up to last night, he said he really wanted to go to this place, so I acquiesced. We had a nice time and after Jeff went home I met this guy named Ayal, who had the coolest hair! He invited me to a party he's throwing in Jerusalem on the 19th and, coincidentally, I should be in the Holy City that night so I might meet up with Sarah (nice girl who works at the Knesset!) and go with her to his party. We'll see, the 19th is still a long ways away so I don't need to make any decision now.

Aight, gotta go hit the bank before it closes on me.

Song of the day is Mr. Brightside by The Killers, who just released their sophomore album.

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