Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fireworks on the Beach

Fireworks on the Beach
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Tonight I had my first date in Israel. And I saw fireworks. Literally, we went to the beach in Tel Aviv where they have these bars/restaurants on the sand, and a few miles south of us in Old Yaffo there was this magnificent fireworks display. It was stunning. Oh, and the guy I went out with was a lot of fun too. Of course, turns out we went to camp together. Yup, having attended four sleepaway camps during my adolescent/pre-teen and teen years, this was bound to happen. We both spent Aidah Daled at Camp Moshava. Only, we both don't remember each other. It was pretty funny.

Today was a tough day, especially since the weather is really hot. I had to go to my apartment to meet with the contractor again, and together we had to call Bezeq about installing a phone line for my internet. Since the apartment has no AC, and is literally a 30 minute walk from the apartment I'm staying in now, I was losing water weight in buckets. The contractor had this great water from his home, he has a really powerful filtration system that made the water taste really clean and fresh. He offered to install one in my new apartment, for a significant fee of course, and I'm considering having him go ahead and do it. The water here is so bad, and I'm a big water drinker, that it will be worth the money I'd save on buying bottled water.

After working everything out with Bezeq, two hours later mind you and svitching all the way, I walked back down to my apartment and stopped at a few banks along the way. They all said the same thing: no bank account without a Teudat Zehut (Israel ID card), so that means tomorrow I will be spending all day at the Misrad Hapnim. I hear it will take me ALL day because the lines are out of control. But, since school starts on Monday, I have no choice but to take care of this tomorrow.

I grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading over to the #64 bus on Ben Yehudah Street. The stop is in front of the big El Al building but the bus comes only every half an hour. Final destination: Bar Ilan University, where I was to meet two new students in the program for a quick campus tour. So, it looks like I'm living really far away from school. Like, living in Queens and going to school in New Jersey far. The bus ride took almost an hour each way, and it wasn't door-to-door service. The campus, meanwhile, is really nice and I was actually looking forward to school starting on Monday. We spent two hours there before I hopped the #64 bus back to Tel Aviv. Thank g-d for my iPod, otherwise I would have gone crazy on the bus. That was one worthwhile investment.

Which leads us back to the date, which was very nice. In fact, when I got back to my apartment at Midnight, I realized that the time I spent with him was the first time since I got here when I actually feel well. It was amazing to not feel nauseous, and now I wonder if perhaps my not feeling well is a little psychosomatic. I've been pretty relaxed since I left, letting most things just slide and taking each task one day at a time, or so I thought. My head just didn't tell that to my stomach, which hasn't been dealing with the anxiety. That being said, I know that once I get settled and into a routine, things will be a lot better. For now, I'm just going to try to get together with as many people as possible, so that I'm not as lonely.

Tomorrow night it's dinner with Oren and one of his friends. His treat. Should be a lot of fun!

Layla Tov!

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