Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just Say No to Dates

Saw You at Sinai
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This blog entry is for the people in my life who I love, appreciate, and who really mean well. Please don't think me ungrateful.

Almost two weeks in country and I've decided no more dates. Period. Don't even bother trying to change my mind. It won't happen. I changed my status on Saw You at Sinai to "out of the country" and have no timetable when I plan on turning it back on.

So what brought this about?

Couple of reasons. One is that I've been fielding phone calls from people who all know someone, who knows someone else, who has a Grandson/Nephew/Cousin/Friend, etc. who would be perfect for me. Granted, these are people who have never even met me, but that's when the whole you never know where it's going to come from romantic ideal kicks in.

Look, I really believe that life could be like Serendipity, so I'm just going to write my phone number in the flap of "Love in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, leave it at the used box store in the Shuk HaCarmel, and wait for Mr. Right to find me. Hopefully he'll come calling once I'm really settled.

Here's the other reason why I'm done with dating. Remember the blog about the cab driver who gave me shit for still being single at 29, well his friend did call me. I was in the middle of signing up for the gym last week when he called, and I had to call him back a few hours later, and try in my broken Hebrew to explain that I wasn't dating right now. Only, I had no idea how to say it. And he wasn't getting the message. I think it was a comprehension issue as opposed to him just not taking "no" for an answer. Anyway, once I told him that Ani Lo Rotzah Otchah (which means, I don't want YOU), he understood and hung up. That made me feel awful, I didn't want to hurt his feelings, I don't even know him.

Don't even brouch the dating topic until November. I'm not interested.

OK, now that that's out of the way, it's 10:20 am and I'm still in PJ's, listening to the new Kasabian album, and chilling. I love that more than anything. I crashed hard last night and slept really well. There could have been a freakin mariachi band outside of my window and I wouldn't have noticed. Today is going to be busy too, I have to write a 1,000 word essay on one of the short stories from "Tevye the Dairyman". I have to select the story that speaks to me and write about it. That won't be hard, I only liked one of the pieces, so at least I have the selection. Next it's on to reading a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne and then it's off to the gym. I can't wait to hit the gym, I need a good workout desperately.

Otherwise, I'm going to be doing some more furniture shopping. I really need an office table and chairs, and something heavy enough to lock my Mac to when I leave the apartment.

Any Tel Avivians reading this blog, who can recommend a good place to get furniture and bedding (I need a pillow man), please let me know!

Song of the day: Hurricane by Bob Dylan. (In honor of my family, friends and favorite client preparing for Ernesto in Florida. And yes, I know the song is NOT about a weather hurricane but until someone writes a song about an actual hurricane, instead of the boxer, this will have to do).

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