Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Boot Camp

If Yehuda had been my CO in the Israeli Army, I would have gone AWOL before the end of the week. It's a good thing that, when I threatened to join the army back when I was 18, I didn't follow through (or, at least, my parents didn't let me follow through but that's a whole other blog posting).

Today was the first full session with Yehuda and I don't think I'm going to be walking tomorrow. First of all, he weighed me before we worked out. That I was not expecting. If I had known, I wouldn't have snacked while chatting with Shulamit from 1-2:00 am this morning. He informed me that he will be weighing me once a week and so I should be prepared.

Then Yehuda handed me a form that he created for our sessions. At the top of the page he wrote Knowledge + Persistence and it's a monthly log of my living habits. Each week has five questions I have to answer:

1) Did I eat healthier foods today?
2) Did I drink water instead of sugared drinks?
3) Did I eat 5 colored vegetables?
4) Did I drink less alcohol? (+ amount)
5) Did I do cardio? (how long)

OK, so #2 right off the bat I got down pat. I don't drink anything buy water or Crystal Light. I haven't had a sugared drink in ages, so I'm confident with that one. In terms of #3, that's going to be hard. 5 different colors? I usually stick with the basics: lettuce (green), tomato (red) and like a pepper (red, orange or yellow). That's only 3 colors. Hmm, I'm going to have to start eating carrots (orange) and find another vegetable that will placate him.

Let's cut to the chase, shall we. #4 is going to be my biggest problem. He got me pegged, he knew before he handed me this paper that I'm going to have an issue with #4, so now I have to be cognizant of that category. OK, maybe I won't have a beer tonight when I go out with some folks. This is going to be hard.

Back to the gym and Yehuda started working me out. Here's the big differences with US trainers and Israeli trainers.


Yehuda has so much energy it's abnormal, and he does the workouts along with me. So, after we did walking lunges across the gym floor he had me take the huge flight of stairs two at a time and he ran alongside me. After the second set up, I asked if he was a fat teenager. He laughed and said he was super skinny and had a hard time gaining weight.


About 35 minutes in, he told me that if I fainted it would be okay as he's had that happen to him before. Ummm dude, if I feel like I'm at the point where I'm going to faint (which fortunately, I've never had happen to me in my entire life) I'm gonna stop and take a breather.

Yeah, I think Yehuda and I are going to have to establish some parameters, but at this point, I think he's taking charge and letting me know that he doesn't expect anything less than 110% each week.

I can just see my parents grinning right now as they read this post, happy to hear that I finally found a trainer I won't be able to charm (although Victoria was an exception, I am refering to all of my past male trainers) who plans on kicking my ass until I reach my goals (sorry Dad, had to use the a word, it was appropriate).

Yehuda would have gone well past the hour but I was done, a big achy puddle on the floor done. Fortunately, I was meeting someone at 4:00 so I was able to book out of there as soon as I could scrape myself off the floor.

One good thing is that Yehuda is going to let me DJ my sessions. I just have to come up with a playlist and burn the CD, and he's going to put it on the gym system during our training. Now THAT is exciting.

Gotta go make myself some 5-colored-salad for dinner.

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