Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time Out Tel Aviv

I was all set to spend the evening with my lousy mood for company and a copy of this week's issue of Time Out Tel Aviv when one of my new friends called and wisked me away to Herzelia to see The Breakup with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. The movie wasn't so great but the company was nice, so my mood was elevated when I got back to my pad.

Time Out Tel Aviv's cover story are the 200 coolest people in the City. Now, that's a pretty amazing feat to actually narrow down 200 cool people, so I went through each individual name and tried to decipher how, and why, these popular folks were chosen.

Etgar Keret. Makes sense. His writing is pretty amazing.
DJ Meish, who is billed as a "turntabalist". Sounds interesting, I wouldn't mind checking out the kind of music he spins
Elana Brockovitz, now I don't understand exactly why she's cool but she's the only woman pictured with her pregnant belly sticking out (ala Demi and Britney) so I'm guessing the folks at TOTA needed a pregnant lady to fill some sort of picture quota

The list goes on and on and so, I decided, to select ONE person from the list and make it my mission to meet him/her. I want to meet a geniune cool person from Tel Aviv.

The lucky selection is Mr. Shimon Adaf. He's 34 and in September his book "The Broken Heart" is going to be released. When they wrote about him, the descriptor sentence was "Because their's all sort of cool in the world" and I have absolutely no idea what that means. I'll let you know as soon as I meet him.

Tomorrow should be a really busy day. I have writing to do in the morning following by my first training session with Yehuda at 1:30, meeting with a former Upper West Sider who just made Aliyah and is coming to TA to meet me and then I have a double date later this evening with the guys we met over Shabbat on the beach. Sounds be a much better day than today was.

After I spoke to my landlord here and we managed to fix the internet problem, I decided I couldn't imagine stepping foot inside the gym. Instead, I consulted my map and decided to explore a new area of the city. I walked from my apartment to Kikar Rabin to check out the location where all the protests and demonstrations take place. I even brought along my camera to take photos.

Not too exciting. So I decided to walk back home and headed down South on Dizengof street. I went into a few stores, and even found a place that sells Lucky 13 branded clothing. I had a nice chat with the salesguy over his tattoo's and then i headed back to my apartment. And. until my new friend called to make plans to go out to the movies, I was pretty miserable. The blog posting I had planned on writing went something like this:

This is really hard. I miss you all. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I still feel that way, but at least for a little while tonight I wasn't as lonely.

Good night.

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